What Is Wicca?

Wicca encourages free thought,
artistic creativity, individuality,
and personal, spiritual, and
psychic growth. It is a celebration
of the cycle of seasons and of life.
Wicca is respecting and living
in harmony with all living things.

Wicca is light. Wicca is love.
Wicca is called "Craft of the Wise"
and is both ancient and new. It is
a path unlike any other in the world.
Wicca is not anti-christian; however,
it does not acknowledge the existance
of sin, the Devil,or a judgmental and
avenging god as defined by Christianity.

Wicca is a positive journey to enlightenment
through Goddess-worship and the mystical art
of white magick. It is a shamanistic nature
oriented religion and a unique and exciting
blend of the traditional and the eclectic
that seeks neither to convert, conform, or
control. Wicca is love, peace and harmony.

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