Slowly, unconsciously her prison within
Is built of silk threads so soft and so thin
That she is caught completely unaware
When she opens her eyes and finds herself there

A cocoon she built to protect her from pain
To prevent her from feeling it ever again
Held back the feeling for anything at all
Her joy and pleasure and growth it did stall

And in the darkness of her self made cell
She heard at a distance her own death knell
She went deeper within and awaited the hour
When once again she may know her own power

Suddenly the twig that held the prison key fell
And released her from its mesmerizing spell
Through a chink in her cocoon, shone brilliant light
And she struggled toward it, ready for flight

She emerged with strength and beauty within
And a hope for the new life that she would begin
Testing new wings into freedom and flight
Displaying her true colours, brilliant and bright

ŠJanet Mifsud

Aren't we all Sisters??

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Aren't we all Net Sisters?